Enrollment No: 3291/L Govt. License No: 2290 Munazzam No: 6738

CEO Message

Every day, many of people rely on travel and our company connects them to countrywide and worldwide communities across the globe. Our part is to facilitate tourism, facilitate exchange and to enhance commerce prospects. For us, connection means more than providing secure, suitable, trustworthy air travel with caring service. It also means counterfeiting strong associations with the people and

communities we serve and using our resources to make a difference. Prevailing economic environment {“with its many consequences for families, businesses and community organizations”} business discipline and socially responsible action are very much significant. This approach is improving our dealing & services, structure, revenue performance and the way we interact with each other and our customers.

Our company report by concerned community focuses on the way we work as a team to improve the air travel possibilities and better serve our customers. we are connected with the concerned departments digitally and have so many privileges. we are dealing with all airlines concerned to Govt. of Pakistan.

We hope to earn your business every time you fly by offering clean, safe, and reliable service to the destinations of your choice. We offer you the easy and the best way to travel with reliable and comfort throughout the world for vice versa benefits.



Malik Muhammad Farooq